Growth and productivity of soy plants treated with benzyladenine

Fabio Santos Matos, Vanessa do Rosário Rosa, Larissa Pacheco Borges, Mariana Siqueira do Carmo, Hilton Dion Torres Junior, Priscilla Gomes de Freitas Santos


The high percentage of soybean plant flower and pod abortion impairs grain productivity. Flower and pod setting mechanisms have not yet been fully understood. Hormonal balance is believed to have important influence on the flower and pod set rate. Therefore, the present study was designed to evaluate the effects of benzyladenine in the abortion of reproductive structures and in the productivity of soybean plants. The work was conducted in the town of Ipameri, Goiás, Brazil. The region features humid tropical climate, with rainy summers and dry winters. The soil in the experimental area was classified as Oxissol. After soil analysis, fertilization and pH correction were accomplished. The sowing of Pioneer 98Y12 RR soybean was carried out in mid-November during the rainy season. Five different kinds of treatment with 0, 100, 200, 300 and 400 mg L-1 of benzyladenine were used, applied during the V6 stage, at the 200 L ha-1 spray volume. The experiment was conducted following the randomized block design with five replications. The experimental area was 3x2 m and about 90 plants were researched in 0.5 m spaced rows with 10 plants per linear meter. The application of benzyladenine reduced pod abortion and increased the productivity of soybean plants, for which they adapted morphologically and physiologically to optimize solar radiation capture and increase the production of assimilates. The application of benzyladenine is a promising practice in soybean culture management.


Key words: Hormones, Grain yield, Production physiology. 

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